Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My how time flies! I haven't updated this blog since last year... ha ha - I wonder how many other bloggers have used that same line?!? The holiday season was an incredibly busy one for me - and then there was the sickness that came just after Christmas. I have not been that sick for many years, and am so thankful that I live in a country that has wonderful medical technology!

As part of our encouraging our church members to study God's Word this year, our church has a Read through the Bible plan which coincides with the Sunday sermons. It has been an interesting start to the new year! We are reading chronologically through Scripture, and are almost finished with the book of Job. I am amazed at Job's steadfastness, even though God is largely silent towards him much of the time.

I currently have five different studies going right now, and I never seem to have time to do any of them adequately: Chronological reading plan, youth group reading plan, Hebrews study, James study, Anthropology study and misc other things in there like: sermons and youth group lessons! Some days my head spins!

I am working on "new year's resolutions" such as: praying more in individual intercessory prayer, memorizing more scripture, drinking more water and much less pop, less snacking between meals, etc.

Have you made any resolutions? I am finding that this is not a popular thing. I love the new year and the focus it brings, but more and more people that I deal with skip the resolutions. Many feel that failure is imminent so they figure "why try?" I feel that "nothing ventured, nothing gained". May God give you the endurance and perseverance to accomplish what He needs you to do this coming year!

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