Monday, March 19, 2007

so, what's in your iPod?

Have you seen the commercial for some credit card company where they ask, "what's in your wallet?" It got me to thinking about my iPod... funny isnt it - the connections our minds make?

I thought I would list my podcasts that I currently am listening to & hopefully hear from a few of you on ideas of things to add. Here goes:

  • Cornerstone Simi Audio podcasts - Francis Chan
  • Desiring God Radio - John Piper
  • Mars Hill Bible Church - Rob Bell
  • Walk in the Word - James MacDonald
  • The Dave Ramsey Show - Dave Ramsey

Piper is my favorite teacher - followed closely by James MacDonald. However, Francis Chan is quickly becoming one of my favs. I wish I could find the time view his video podcast, but its hard to concentrate on the driving when its playing on the iPod. I typically listen to my pcs on my commute back and forth from the church (only 10 miles one way).

I would welcome anyone's suggestions on podcasts - I really enjoy keeping my mind focused on Christ.

So, I must comment on coffee before I wrap this up. But let me ask you, do you have any idols of the heart? What?!?! Idols of the heart. You might not even realize that you have an idol. But let me give you a clue on how to discover your own idol. You discover your idol when you really want something and when you don't get it, you get angry... or frustrated... or disgusted.

Like... like, well, like last Tuesday. Last Tuesday I got up early to get around for the day and was making my coffee. I have this great pot that brews single mugs of joe. These little filters usually do a wonderful job in the process of making coffee. However, last Tuesday I was trying to get the mug made and clean up at the same time when the bottom of the filter broke open... dropping all the grounds into my mug. Umm... can you say "loud sigh!!"?? Not that big of a deal, because I would just run it back through another filter, right? Well, that was the plan... until that filter broke. At this point I went from frustrated to mad.

And God poked me in the chest...

And I just kind of was like, "C'mon God, I haven't even had my caffeine yet and you want to deal with me on my idols?? Seriously, let me have my java first and then deal with me!!!" Well, needless to say, God was dealing with me - and still is - about this idol called caffeine.

I want to put Him first, even before coffee... did you ever think you'd hear me say that?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

A blessed St. Patrick's day to you!

Tonight we 'celebrated' this unique Irish holiday with a fabulous feast. We had herb roasted leg of lamb, soda bread with brie cheese, cabbage rolls and sparkling grape juice. We typically have corned beef and cabbage, a boiled dinner, but decided to try something different this year.

My wife was not very excited about the lamb, as she had had it before and didn't care for it. She didn't mind the roast though. It turned out pretty good. Lots of garlic!!

Earlier as we shopped for ingredients, I even got a "special" coffee called "kiss me, i'm irish". It was a latte with Irish creme and something else that I can't recall. It was okay, but wasnt very hot when I received it. Instead of giving it back, I just chugged it. (never... never... give coffee back!)

I hope your St. Patrick's day went well and you enjoyed it as you gathered with family and friends! Keep the coffee hot ( coffee?...) and the creamer handy!!

God bless!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Misc. Thots:

This is just a short post to let you know what's been happening lately. First of all, if you've tried to go to my podcast - you've noticed that it hasnt been updated in what seems like forever. I apologize for that. I think all the bugs are worked out now, but the funny thing was, none of the problems were of my making. I guess that's the risk you take for working with technology!

Secondly, I am attempting to translate Judges 6 out of the Septuagint. That is something new for me! I have translated 1, 2 and 3 John, part of James - but never tried anything like this before. I have a sermon coming up (March 25) from which I will preach on Judges 6. I do not know Hebrew at all - so while I have Bible software - I am translating the Septuagint.

Speaking of Hebrew, I am contemplating teaching myself this beautiful language. I have some tutorial software and a fellow staff member that can help in the teaching. It seems to be a daunting task - but I think a little at a time will make it easier. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, right?

This Sunday (March 4) I will be speaking on Numbers 32 - the title of the message: "The Pitfalls of Unfulfilled Responsibilities". I am looking forward to it, as I feel strongly about Christians fulfilling the responsibility that God lays out for them in Scripture. Too many "believers" don't act like one... and I find that hard to figure with what I read in God's Word.

Lastly, I must post about my coffee. I thought I had suspended my account with Gevalia, but only suspended it for a short while. Today I rec'd another package of java from this fine vendor. My cabinet is full of java. I have cut back my consumption quite a bit - but not enough to affect vital caffeine levels! lol. I am learning to drink decaf too - which is for what purpose? I love the taste of coffee - a strong brew especially! Tonight I am drinking some Toraja(?) decaf - an Indian coffee bean I think. It is very good and goes well with my wife's home-made apple danish for dessert!

Well, enough rambling for now. God bless & pass the creamer please....