Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

A blessed St. Patrick's day to you!

Tonight we 'celebrated' this unique Irish holiday with a fabulous feast. We had herb roasted leg of lamb, soda bread with brie cheese, cabbage rolls and sparkling grape juice. We typically have corned beef and cabbage, a boiled dinner, but decided to try something different this year.

My wife was not very excited about the lamb, as she had had it before and didn't care for it. She didn't mind the roast though. It turned out pretty good. Lots of garlic!!

Earlier as we shopped for ingredients, I even got a "special" coffee called "kiss me, i'm irish". It was a latte with Irish creme and something else that I can't recall. It was okay, but wasnt very hot when I received it. Instead of giving it back, I just chugged it. (never... never... give coffee back!)

I hope your St. Patrick's day went well and you enjoyed it as you gathered with family and friends! Keep the coffee hot ( coffee?...) and the creamer handy!!

God bless!

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James said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Sounds like a great menu. Miss you, man! Glad Lent ends soon :)