Tuesday, September 05, 2006

stronghold in times of trouble...

where have i been? the daily jolt has gotten a little less daily it seems. there is much taking place however: seminary class, homework, national holiday, homework, youth work, homework... and then theres always homework. this greek exegesis class is really requiring a lot of my time. but now i have settled into my office chair, mug of mocha java gevalia steaming at my right side... and an open bible in front of me. i hope this encourages you as it did me.

david is writing in psalm 9 & he praises the Lord throughout the psalm. it is at vs.9 that i want to stop though: "...the LORD also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble..." what a verse to meditate on. will you take time to do just that... its okay, i'll wait for you.
this is a picture of the edinburgh castle in edinburgh, scotland. beautiful isn't it? do you see how they built this castle right on the edge of a mountain? can you look in the lower left hand corner and see the bus coming up the road - that should provide some ratio for you. we walked up along that road from the far side of the castle when i visited there. i can say that you would be at a tactical disadvantage to try and attack the castle coming up that mountain. it is a stronghold.

see what the LORD is for you? He's better than a thousand edinburgh castles! He is the place to go when you are oppressed by the cares of this life. He is the One to turn to when you are in times of trouble. He is your stronghold. why stay outside the boundaries of safety? turn to Christ and trust in Him - He will see you through these times of disturbance.

perhaps we'll finish up this time of meditation tomorrow with a look at vs.10. it is encouraging as well. will you read it? i hope so.

until then, keep the coffee hot and the LORD close at heart.

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