Saturday, December 09, 2006

In preparation for a weekly Bible study, I am "way over my head" it seems as I look at this passage in Hebrews 6. We are to be studying Heb.6:4-8. I have just begun to delve into the Greek on this particular set of verses, and am asking for much, much assistance!!

(my Greek knowledge being limited - please assist)

Some interesting things from verse 4 that I will share, and perhaps you will be able to direct me to other observations.

1. All the verbals in this verse are participles, and aorist.
2. Two are passive, and all three are accusative masculine plural.
3. I have personally limited my language / syntax searches to the book of Hebrews - a good idea?

What to do with this limited start?
  • The verb 'fwtizw' (sorry, I don't know how to add the Greek font) only appears twice in Hebrews: 6:4 & 10:32.
  • This verb 'geuomai' appears just three times: twice in this set of verses (6:4,5) and then in 2:9 as well.

fwtizw - to enlighten, in both passages seem to indicate a conversion experience.

geuomai - to taste, in both passages seem to indicate an experiential experience.

What I am trying to determine, is to answer the all-time conflict found in this passage: is this referring to a loss of salvation, etc or something else. Since I have just begun and really left you not much to work with, I would really appreciate direction.

Having said that, I will continue to wrestle through the text myself and see what I can come up with - fully dependent of course on the Holy Spirit -Who is my Helper.

side note: today was Mocah Gevalia in the pot - strong too! Since it is a chilly day, it was a good thing to warm my mitts on a mug of this joe!

God bless,

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