Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another Book Review

Two eyes break the surface of the water. Their steely stare is barely visible behind the camouflaged face. They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I felt drawn to read Stealth Attack by Ray Pritchard – just by looking at it.

I have to admit that as a pastor I speak of spiritual warfare all the time. I hardly understand it though. I feel its impact in my life and the lives of my church members. It has been around since Satan first tempted Eve, and continues to this day. Yes, Jesus Christ won the war over Satan, sin and death 2000 years ago but as the enemy retreats to it’s impending doom, skirmishes rise up in my life and yours. We can be victorious in these skirmishes!

Ray Pritchard takes a look at the terrorism that we know today in our physical world and uses it to get our attention of the tactics of the enemy in our spiritual world. He writes about this warfare’s beginning, leader and eventual end. He speaks of how the devil can get footholds in our lives and how we as believers must resist him.

One of the most challenging thoughts in this book was the fact that Satan doesn’t always attack our weaknesses, but sometimes concentrates on our self-perceived strengths. I don’t know about you, but I really guard my weaknesses – things like internet purity, overeating and treating my wife improperly. The areas that I think I am strong in, I tend to let slide…and that is exactly what the devil is looking for. 1 Peter 5 speaks to the devil as being a ‘roaring lion, seeking to destroy’ us. Lions don’t attack fiercely guarded animals – just the ones who think they’re strong enough to stray from protection. You need to read this book!

I am always looking for reading to go along with my Bible reading that challenges me in my daily walk. Stealth Attack not only challenged me, but encouraged me in the battle as well. Mr. Pritchard is very easy to understand and uses many captivating illustrations to make his points in this 150 page book. I highly recommend this book to boost your defenses against the one who is determined to bring you down.

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