Saturday, July 07, 2007

7-07-07 - What a day!

So today's date is pretty cool! I didn't, however, go out and buy a lottery ticket or any participate in any other risky (unless you count working in the garden in 90* heat as being risky).
Latest book review:
Stealth Attack: Protecting yourself against Satan's plan to destroy your life by Ray Pritchard. (Ray Pritchard's blog) I picked this book up while I was in Schroon Lake, New York last week. I and two of my youth leaders took 12 teens up to the Word of Life Island for a week of camp. Mr. Pritchard was one of the speakers for those adults who were staying on the 'mainland'. Regrettably I was only able to listen to one of his sessions as I spent a lot of time with my teens and also completing some work I had to do. When I heard he was giving the sermons that this book was birthed from, I bought it. The book is a great reminder to every Christian about their participation in spiritual warfare. Using modern day terrorism as an example of how Satan might war in our lives, he makes the unseen understandable. Perhaps the greatest concept of the book (and the one session I attended) was the fact that Satan often does not attack our weaknesses, but our self-perceived strengths. We often guard our weaknesses, don't we? However, we grow slack and less diligent in the areas that we perceive as our strengths...and they by default become weak areas. I was challenged greatly by this. Ray Pritchard also speaks to our greatest weapon: prayer. I don't know about you, but I struggle so with prayer! It is my greatest weapon, and yet I don't utilize it nearly enough. It's like going back to flintlock rifles after being given laser-guided missles... it just doesn't make sense.
Well, if you read and are a Christian, you need to get a copy of this book. It is easily understandable and relatively short. There are many illustrations used throughout the book, making it very relevant. Keep the fight brothers and sisters!
It was also my first time to hear Pastor John Bouquet of Bethel Baptist Church, Savannah, OH. He preached through Colossians - which is one of my favorite books in all the New Testament. I was also challenged to Exalt God Only in the area of prayer during these amazing sessions with him. He is a bold man of God and if you ever have the chance, please plan on sitting under his teaching!

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