Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Night at the Ballpark

I am so proud of my kids! They entered a reading 'contest' at the local public library and 4 of the 5 (the youngest doesn't read yet) received free tickets to a minor league baseball game for their efforts. We went last night to watch the Fort Wayne Wizards take on the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. The final score was Ft.Wayne - 9; Wisconsin - 8. However, we didn't last the entire game. Last night was an incredibly hot and humid evening. Heat indexes were in the 100's. We did make it through 4.5 innings before my 2 year old just melted down. Trying to maintain control in the middle of the bleachers was way too much for us! We ended up leaving around 8:30p and took a leisurely ride home - stopping at McDonalds for fries and then later for gas & a break. We rolled into the driveway around 9:45p and dropped everyone into bed for a well-deserved rest. Below are pictures from the game:

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