Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Snapshots of the Psalm 28 God

Psalm 28 - click here to read the passage.

v.1 - my Rock
v.7 - my Strength & my Shield
v.8 - my Saving refuge
v.9 - my Shepherd

Rock. Solid. Immovable. Unchanging. That's my God. Totally reliable when life goes upside down. I cling to Him. The Rock.

Strength. Power. Ability. And it's transferable. To me. Totally available when I finally understand that I can't do this on my own.

Shield. Defense. Covered. Protection. Life gets offensive at times. God allows me to be hidden in Him.

Saving Refuge. Safety. Security. Eternal. No more condemnation. None. Satan can point his wagging finger elsewhere.

Shepherd. Caregiver. Watchman. Overseer. My favorite. God holds me securely in His arms forever... what a picture. What a God.

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Gary McDuda said...

Great reminder...Now, if I can just remember that.