Monday, October 29, 2007

It truly was colder outside this morning. The digital thermometer read 35* this a.m. and I thought I detected the lingering fingers of frost in the backyard. Those in charge of forecasting the weather stated that we were under a freeze warning and claimed an end to the growing season. Right now as I sit in the living room looking out through the circular window in our front door, I see a somewhat stiff breeze delicately removing the red and yellow maple leaves from one of the trees in our front yard. The city of Warsaw came by earlier today and used their large leaf vac to remove all our leaves by the curb. I think we'll be raking later today when the boys get off of school.

I decided to check out the furnace today - just to make sure everything was running well. It was not. Our furnace is very efficient and does not have a pilot light. It is supposed to automatically light when needed, but for whatever reason it is not. Tomorrow the repairman comes to take a look. He will also replace our very large and effective furnace filter - which costs $46! It is one of the best for those dealing with allergies.

I have just finished reading a book that my oldest son is to read in his English class: Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank. It is a book written in the late 50's and deals with one community's efforts to survive a nuclear strike from Russia. It's hard to believe that in the last 40 years the concerns of society have moved away from fears of total nuclear holocaust to individual terrorist attacks. The book was an interesting read, although there were some un-necessary allusions to improper behavior. All in all, it was a book that could be read in a weekend - and if one just wanted something to read for pure recreation, this would fit the bill.

I have now undertaken reading again Competent to Counsel by Dr. Jay Adams. It pertains to counseling people "nouthetically" - thus, biblically. I respect Dr. Adams immensely and he writes with wisdom. He is a great man of God, a wonderful teacher and I have had the pleasure to sit under his instruction on a couple of occasions. I encourage every Pastor or lay leader...frankly every serious believer to read this timeless work!

As I wrap up some very varied thoughts, I want you to know that again today I am drinking Gevalia's Kona blend. I mixed it very strong this morning, and this afternoon I ground it a little weaker. It is a fine coffee. I am enjoying it tremendously. Have a blessed day!

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