Friday, October 13, 2006

friday the 13th...

are you superstitious?

I find today that it is freezing outside... and inside my office! The heater was repaired at the church last week (when we had nice weather), and the thermostat wire for my office was cut. Evidently it wasn't hooked back up either! Brrrrr!!!

I just joined another website called "shelfari". Its a MySpace kind of idea, except it is a display of your library - the books you read. You interact through looking at people's shelves. You can see part of my library here: Pastor Mark's Library. Its kind of a neat idea.

Speaking of books that I am reading, I am working through Dr.Whitney's Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health, but decided to go back and begin again Richard Baxter's The Reformed Pastor. I think I need to re-read... and finish this time... this book.

If you can, would you pray for Mr.Pope? He is one of my former Criminal Justice instructors from Pensacola Christian College. I hear he is in failing health and not doing well at all. He helped me more than I could ever explain here in a post. My prayers go up for he and his wife during this time. God bless...

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