Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thirsting after God...

Here is a quote from a book I started last night:

Knowing Christ well is so spiritually thirst quenching because no person, possession, or experience can produce the spiritual pleasure we can find in Him. Communion with Christ is incomparably satisfying because there is no disappointment in what you find in Him. Moreover, the spiritual gratification you find in Him initially is never ending. On top of these, the Lord in whom this satisfaction is found is an infinite universe of satisfaction in which one may immerse himself to explore and enjoy without limitation. So there is no lack of satisfaction in knowing Christ, but neither has God designed us so that one experience with Christ satiates all future desire for Him.
Taken from Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health by Donald S. Whitney. (pp.22)
I just thought that was an incredible quote. Why do we decieve ourselves into believing that the things of this world will satisfy us? I am sure that this is what Paul referred to as the lusts of deceit. Infinite satisfaction. Do you have that? Do I? I must say that I have been challenged over these past few days to delve deeper into my relationship with Jesus Christ. I cannot - neither can you - live on one experience with Him. It must be a continual, repetitive process of drinking long at the fountain of Living Water.
My prayer is that today you may discover anew this thirst quenching / thirst developing relationship with Christ.

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