Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random Pics...

Here is probably the most poignant moment of the week so far. Hannah De Roo (the young lady on the right) shares with the group how she lost her husband in Iraq a year ago. She spoke of the difficulties before he deployed for his second tour in Iraq - as she battled making Christ her treasure above all else. Just two months into his second deployment, he died. He was the first casualty of 3rd Brigade, stationed here at Ft. Lewis. His brigade will be coming home from deployment this next week. Hannah has a unique ministry to other widows on the post. She is raising their young son - he'll be 2 years old in December.
A couple pictures from our Bible study with the soldiers. There were approximately 25-30 people in attendance: 11 from CBC, the rest were soldiers - some freshly returned from Iraq, others preparing to deploy within the next few months.These are random pics of the work being done on the storage facility at the Christian Fellowship House. Total wiring of the facility, insulation, sub-siding the outside, framing of a double-door and some misc things are a few of the things that already have been accomplished. The team is eagerly anticipating finishing this major project ahead of time...the Lord willing.

Please keep us in prayer as we try to encourage Ron & Susan Hand, the troops we interact with and complete the tasks that are set before us. You have a vital part of this ministry through prayer. We have many stories to tell as we think about returning - of how the Lord is working through us and others to draw us closer to Himself.

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