Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Starting the work...

Here is the work team from CBC preparing to head to South Bend Regional Airport:
(from left to right)
Toby P. (driver only), David D., Marv N., Joe B., Carol N., Jason S., Sherrie M., Pete B., Bob M., Pastor Mark, Julie P. and Rick S.

This picture was taken at 4:00 a.m - just before the team loaded into 3 mini-vans heading north; first to South Bend and then flying to Detroit.

On this 167 mile flight aboard a CRJ jet, the team noticed that Congressman Joe Donnelly also was aboard the flight. At this time we are unsure if he noticed us.
We decided to rate our air travel using the "mint" method. Let me explain: there are a couple of team members who do not like to fly, and rely on mints to keep their stomach settled. The flight from South Bend Regional to Detroit Metro was only a "one mint" flight - meaning that it was a very smooth flight.
We left Detroit Metro after a two hour lay-over and headed westward for Seattle's airport: SEATAC. This was to be a 4 hour and 48 minute flight. We only experienced minor turbulence - thus causing it to be related a "2-3 mint" flight. While most of the flight the ground was obscurred by clouds, as we approached Minnesota the clouds began to break, and from 36,000 feet we saw the patchwork of God's creation. Even more exciting was seeing the Rocky Mountains, the Continental Divide and as we approached Washington state: Mt. Ranier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker and Mt. Hood. These majestic mountains, especially Mt. Ranier, jutted up through the clouds and were visible for miles and miles. We were in awe (as flatlanders) of the beauty of God's handiwork. Arrival, baggage claim and locating our missionary Ron Hand were all done easily - and a tribute to the power of prayer.
This is the storage facility behind the Christian Fellowship House that we are working on. On the left side of the building (the back side) is where we are doing most of the work. Visible is the insulation that eventually will be installed, as well lumber, tools and other misc. items.
The team was also able to visit Ft. Lewis and our missionary Ron Hand was able to take us on a tour where he interacts on a daily basis with our nation's troops. He has such a valuable ministry and his heart for these men and women was really evident as we drove with him from location to location on this massive installation. He and Susan have a wonderful home that is used regularly by the troops here. I hope to post some pictures from our interaction with these men and women, as we plan on having a Bible study tonight (Tuesday).
On this day of remembrance of one of nation's greatest tragedies, we are so very thankful for those who daily risk their lives that we might live in freedom. God bless our troops!


Chelsea S. said...

Thanks for blogging! It'll make the time seem shorter here. :)

Lam321f said...

So thankful that your flight wasn't a "10-minter!" Thanks for blogging - it'll make it seem like we're there with you. Our thots & prayers go with you daily!!!! Give Ron & Susan our love.