Thursday, September 13, 2007


As I wrap up this day - (I know that it is already "tomorrow" in Indiana) - I am amazed at how much we are able to get done. Before breakfast the drywall was being hung and the last little bits of wiring were taken care of. Immediately after breakfast the ladies went with Susan Hand on to the post and attended a ladies bible study. They saw one of the many, many memorial services being prepared for 3 soldiers of the 364th Engineering Regiment who were victims of a homicide / suicide attack on a bridge. We were also able to take a break at lunch and go visit the Peugeot Sound just minutes away from the Christian Fellowship House. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and the interaction of Ron and Susan during lunch. After lunch we had to stop by a Starbucks to get coffee - after all, it all started here! We then got back to the house and continued our work: trimming trees, hanging doors, mudding drywall, cleaning, sorting and a host of other things. At dinner there were again a number of soldiers in attendance and we spent the rest of the night fellowshipping with them and getting to know them better. (We also celebrated Marv Noser's 60th birthday!!!) It is now well after 10pm local time... and we are slowly but surely falling into bed.

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