Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lost in the Middle

About a month ago I turned 40 years old. I know - it's harder for me to believe. I picked up a book, at the Biblical Counseling Conference I attended in Lafayette, IN last month, written by Paul David Tripp. (Also the author of Age of Opportunity - one of my fav parenting books). I certainly don't consider myself as one who is in the throes of a mid-life crisis - but there is certainly been some time given to reflection on how my life has been used up to this moment.

Considering I lived the first 30 years for self & Satan, (yeah, it sounds harsh - but that is Truth), I now desire to live the rest of my life for Christ and eternity. This book is helping me realize how most folks view mid-life, how they interpret what they are going through and how to react and respond in a biblical manner.

Nobody is fond of growing older - at least in Western civilization. I think that's an improper way of viewing life. God grants us incredible grace to weather every stage of life and He expects us to mature in every aspect. I want to use this time in my life to demonstrate that I am consumed with pleasing God, passionately following His Word and submitted to His Holy Spirit.

I don't have to be "Lost in the Middle". I can revel in the grace of my God and persevere for as long as He sovereignly determines. Pick up a copy of this book here:

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