Thursday, March 13, 2008

On Cars, conversion and coffee...

The car died. It wasn't peaceful or quiet. Rather it was noisy and loud and wet. Yes, wet. Actually the whole car didn't die, just the water-pump. I pulled into the Walmart parking lot today after my 6:00am appointment, the car idled very loudly and with a continuous "whoosh, whoosh" noise. A couple of clanks later and I turned it off. As I got out I heard the wonderful sound of anti-freeze pouring onto the pavement. Cool... or hot, as it were. My senior pastor graciously brought a jug of water which allowed me to drive back towards town and the "shop" where I quickly parked the ol' Taurus. They said they'd have it done by the weekend. That'd be nice - except that means I have to pick it up. Yeah, no cash-ola in the bank account. God sure does allow things to happen at the precise time when we have no other choice but to trust Him, doesn't he? Great thing is this: I have no frustration with this, no anxiety or anger or any like emotion. It simply is another time in life where God will show His sovereign provision for us. He graciously and wondrously kept me safe from any kind of accident with the car, kept me from damaging the car mechanically, allowed me to be very close to the shop when the water-pump died and allowed help to arrive in a timely manner. Isn't God good? He is!!

How 'bout a verse to meditate on? 1 Peter 1:18 states, "...knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver and gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers..." Do you recall how different life became upon your salvation? When God sovereignly drew you to Himself - life changed!! No longer is there futility in the living, but now we have purpose!! I'm so thankful for the work of Christ in my life!

Today I'm drinking Folgers "coffee". I put it in quotations because I doubt its authenticity. Ha! It does contain caffeine and I did brew it strong today - funny, no-one mentioned that in the office today. Hmmm... must not be strong enough! lol. Good stuff!

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