Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Heavy Police Presence at School

I dropped off my older son at his high school today with a little more concern in my heart than usual. What seems to now be the "pull the fire alarm so we can get out of class" is the note or the text message that there will be a shooting today in school. They are more frequent than not. There have been a rash of these messages circulating the schools in this area. They tie up Law Enforcement resources and twinge the nerves of mom and dad.

So, how do you react? What do you do? Do you keep your kid out of school? Do you let him go? If the kids see the Law Enforcement presence and simply postpone their destructive activities for a day - have we accomplished anything? How many times can you as a parent outguess the depraved mind of these teens? What do I tell him to do, how to act / react in a shooting scenario? These and other questions plagued me as I lined up behind other concerned parents dropping their kids off at school.

"Have a good day!", I called as he exited the van. I smiled, perhaps weakly - my son is very aware of what's going on. He too has seen the police around the property. Have a good day?! I really pray he does.

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