Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In the shop: lessons from the pop-up camper.

We owned a 1973 Jayco pop-up camper. "Owned" - past tense, because my two oldest sons and I have decided to dismantle it. It had become leaky, moldy and past salvaging. Last Thursday evening I brought it home from the farm where it was being stored, and we tore into it. Currently we are almost down to the frame with just three sides to remove. Yesterday as I was working on this during the day I was really surprised with the amount of rotted wood under the aluminum skin. If you would have just taken a look at the outside of the camper, you would have recognized it's age and some of it's "quirks" - but you would have never guessed what lay beneath that green & white exterior: Crumbling, rotted wood. A lot of things were explained as I continued tearing off the aluminum sheets. The hassle and difficulty of cranking the top up was because the crank's mechanism had pulled away from, not only the side wall, but also the flooring as well. This made getting the top up a near impossibility and quite the hassle. There were several other 'discoveries' that just confirmed my original notion that this camper was long past due for a renovation.

Then I got to thinking, as I worked, about how I am just like that camper. Oh, I know I don't look perfect on the outside. People recognize me as having flaws, but over all they think I look 'pretty good' for my Christian age. Little do they know that within me lies a heart that is black. Rotten, and falling apart. Surprised? Hardly - just take time to look 'under your skin'. Hence the need for 'renovation', I think Scripture prefers the term 'sanctification'. What does it involve? Complete transformation. I no longer exist for my own natural desires. I am now in the process of being totally overhauled by my owner. Some day I will be presented in wondrous glory, but currently I'm still 'in the shop'.

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