Saturday, November 10, 2007

I finished my Kona today. I usually use three scoops of beans into my grinder to provide the succulent grounds that will allow the precious drippage of java into my two cup mug - today however, I had just about another scoop left in the bag after preparing to grind my beans. I don't like to mix my coffee beans - so I just poured the rest into my grinder and started grinding. My coffee was a little stronger than usual, but it was most excellent in taste! It also provided the energy to start on the Fall chores around the house. I made an omelet in which I threw onions, garlic and hot peppers. We didn't have any breakfast meat in the house (Monday is shopping day) so I just made due with what we had. It was a little strong, and kinda hot - but it tasted pretty good!

Today the boy's and I headed out to rake leaves. I have never lived anywhere before where I could not burn leaves - but in the last two years we have lived in this home, we are required to haul the leaves to the curb for pickup. The problem is that even as we hauled a 'ton' of leaves to the curb, we would turn and see that the trees were dropping them faster then we could rake them. The back yard doesn't even seem to have been raked. The other problem is that our trees don't all drop their leaves at the same time. We have 5 large maples in our yard - but they drop their leaves at different times through out the Fall. They sure are pretty though. Lot's of reds, yellows and pale greens right now. God sure does know how to make this time of year beautiful.

This week has been a very long, long week for me in my pastor position. It seems that I put in about double the hours I usually do. It's all good - I was able to hopefully encourage some people in some dark hours. It brought me back to the point that I realized that God desires that we live lives dependent on Him. "The normal Christian life is not one you can live in your own strength" ~ my senior pastor.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

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