Monday, November 19, 2007

Scrambled thots...

I'll continue posting the "who shall dwell on my holy hill" posts tomorrow - but today, since I'm off of work and all - I'll refrain from posting in that series.

Today is very overcast and a 'typical' Fall day here in Northeast Indiana. Temps are about 45* and predicted only to reach 54*. I've noticed that my sleeping habits are changing and I am unsure why. Partly due to a weak back - which hurts consistently when laying down - and partly due to getting older (pushing 40 hard right now), I'm sure. Typical sleep follows this pattern: in bed and reading by 10pm, usually lights out by 1030 or 1100p, awake again around 330a or 400a and fitful wake / sleep from then until 6:30a - my best sleep is from 630a till 800a (if I get to sleep that long). It's really been strange to notice the change.

Today has been the day that we run errands: my wife to the grocery and me to the parts store. I had 3 different lights go out on my Ford Taurus in the last week or so. Today I replaced the 'third' brake light and the turn signal. I also picked up some new wipers in preparation for winter. Antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid and motor oil was also purchased. I always buy my oil by the case. Today when I checked out with all theses items I thought the total sounded low. I paid for my items and went out to the car. I got to looking at my receipt and realized that although the clerk scanned the UPC on my case of oil, it only registered that I purchased one quart! Quite the deal - the Lord sure blesses in various ways!! (just kidding)

I was tempted just briefly to back out and hit the road not letting them know their error, but instead shut down the car, walked back inside and paid from 11 more quarts of 10w30. They were appreciative of my honesty and I was enjoying that 'good feeling' from doing something right. Isn't it funny how satan can tempt you with the smallest things?

Due to the slightly cooler temps, I enjoyed my Costa Rican coffee, extra strong and with a shot of chocolate (Hersheys of course) in it. It really helped me start the day off right.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to preach an overview of Roman's in our church. I gave some background info and concentrated on what I consider the theme verses Romans 1:16,17. All in all, Romans is probably one of my favorite, if not favorite book in all the NT. What's yours?

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