Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who Shall Dwell on Your Holy Hill? Part 3

A continuation of a look at Psalm 15. So far we have looked at two requirements to those who wish to dwell on the holy mountain of the Lord: walk blamelessly and doing what is right. Today we look at the third 'requirement': he who"...speaks truth in his heart..."

There is something to be said about the lack of integrity in society today. Unfortunately it has crept into the church as well. We all would do well to heed the instruction of David as he asks the question, "...who will dwell on the holy hill..." of the Lord. Integrity is a quality that is highly desired in the Christian's life. It is so easy to communicate one thing verbally and yet have contrary thinking running through one's heart.

As I write this just before the holiday season - my mind goes to family gatherings. Have you ever commented on how 'good' someone has looked and in your mind done the math on how much weight they may have gained? Or perhaps you've spoken to how delicious a meal was only to think in your heart about over seasoned it was. This would be a practical out working of this passage. Speaking truth in your heart will lead to speaking truth with your mouth. There is a necessity to also speak '...truth in love...' (Eph.4:15) - as well as, not letting any '...unwholesome words proceed out of your mouth...' (Eph.4:29) all the while speaking the truth in love.

Here's a challenge for you this holiday season: speak the truth - in your heart. And your mouth. Live a life of integrity. May God bless your efforts as you move closer to 'meeting the requirements' of dwelling on the Lord's holy hill!


Tonight we are not having an evening service at our church. We had our annual "Harvest Dinner" this afternoon and so gave everyone time "off" for time with family and friends tonight. We decided to stay home and enjoy some much needed family time. Subway provided the meal, and the NFL has provided the entertainment. I am wrapping up the night with a double mug of Mocha Java Gevalia coffee - some of my favorite!

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