Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who Shall Dwell on Your Holy Hill? Part 2

A continued devotional look at Psalm 15.

Psalm 15:2 "...does what is right..."

We have already looked at the first "requirement" of being able to dwell on the Lord's holy hill - that being the ability to walk blamelessly. Now we see the characteristic of doing what is right. Such a simple thought isn't it? Oh, the Christian life is quite simplistic in it's 'requirements', but so difficult to live out. How does one know what is right in order to be able to perform what is right?

Scripture is clear in it's wisdom passages that "...the way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice..." and "...every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart..." So quite easily we see that if we simply accept our own reasoning without taking advantage of the counsel and wisdom of others that we can quickly be headed in the wrong direction. Wouldn't it be easier if everyone saw everything like us? Wouldn't it be more comfortable if everybody thought like us? Wouldn't this world be scarier if these things were true? We must realize that just because we perceive something to be 'right', it may not always be so. Secondly we see that even when we do think we are 'right', our heart may be deceiving us. The Lord is able to judge our heart and it's motives. I think it would be safe to assume that we can't simply trust our own reasoning to determine what is 'right'. Where then do we turn?

One of my favorite passages to direct me in this line of thinking is 2 Timothy 3:16. Scripture, not only inspired, is profitable in four areas: teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness. I break these four areas down as follows:
  • teaching - God's word tells me what is right
  • reproof - God's word tells me when I am wrong
  • correction - God's word tells me how to get back right
  • training in righteousness - God's word reveals to me how to stay right
Very simply put, it is God's Word that shows me how to do what is right. It is then up to me to act on what I read or hear. If I want to fill this second requirement to be able to dwell on the holy hill of the Lord, it is best that I follow the guidelines that Scripture sets forth.

So, what do you think? Have anything to add? Feel free to post a comment!

On a totally unrelated topic: I am barely going at the moment. I received about 3.5 hours of sleep last night and had quite the full day with meetings, appointments and bible studies. I drained 3 coffee pots to help me tread water, but I am starting to crash this evening. One of my youth leaders is a Herbalife dealer and has what amounts to an energy drink in a tablet form. I think they're called "Lift-off". They are very similar to Alka-seltzer tablets and you place them in 8 oz of water before taking them. I sure could use one now!

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