Monday, January 07, 2008

Appearances are not what they seem...

I know you may have read my last blog entry from 2007 and thought, "Oh the daily jolt will never be a 'daily' anything..." (because I just haven't updated it much since 1/2008). However, appearances are not what they seem.

We left on 1/02 and headed to Missouri to visit family and enjoy a belated Christmas with them. This picture below is a picture of me with my brothers and mom. I'm in the black.

Appearances are not what they seem: This picture shows what appears to be a family happy, comfortable with themselves. However, this past week was something totally different. My older brother has not been a part of our family for about 25 years, and this week was the first chance to begin to develop a relationship with him. And it has been good. I spent several hours in Bible study with him and am excited about how he is growing and hungering for the Word. Pray for healing and restoration in our family - I'll just leave it at that.

Appearances are not what they seem: On the way home yesterday we stopped for a much needed bathroom break and I needed to grab some more java. I know of only one other person on this planet that makes coffee like I prefer. Two actually: my previous secretary and my current secretary. Everyone else just drinks hot water! Oh, the coffee appears to be dark and promises some sort of lift - however, when I place creamer in it, it ends up being slightly flavored sock water. Not at all a joy to drink. Now, this morning I am drinking a stiff mugful of my Dark Roast from Gevalia... and it's strong! Its the kind of coffee that barely changes color with the creamer being added... good stuff!!

As a side note as I wrap up this "daily" jolt... how are you doing in your New Year Resolutions? Now is about the time things start falling back into the 'old' routine. May I encourage you to keep at it? I am about 7 verses into my memory of Ephesians...not at all as far as I thought I would be, but farther then I was a week ago! Keep up your hard work. Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.

Keep the coffee strong and hot & prayerfully I'll see you tomorrow morning!

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