Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thoughts on Fasting.

Today I spoke at a local Christian school during their Spiritual Emphasis Week. They evidently have been concentrating on the Spiritual Disciplines. My topic was Fasting. I chose Matthew 6:16-18 for my text. My intent was to share what fasting was, the motives for fasting and then some practical tips on fasting both food and "non-food" items. I prepared a hand-out due the sheer volume of material that I in no way could cover. I think it was well received. A staff member challenged the teens to commit to fasting and while some music played, called for them to come and fill out a sheet of paper to help them focus on why they would fast. I kept my head bowed and prayed that God would move in their hearts. I have no idea what the response was, although I heard teens moving around. My prayer is that God becomes very real to them during this time.

As I got in my car and headed to the house to pick my wife up for a date, a thought struck me: We are always fasting - whether we acknowledge it or not. What do I mean by that? A passionate Christian will incorporate fasting into their life so that they sacrifice something meaningful to focus intently on what is really important to them: Jesus Christ. However, the same is true for those who are worldly. They simply sacrifice a relationship with Christ (even as Christians) for the purpose of focusing intently on what is really important to them: _________. So while we may not teach on fasting all that much, or practice it as often as we'd like, we all do fast in some way each and every day. Question is: what are you fasting from and what are you fasting for?

Today I took my wife and two youngest children to the Great Wall Chinese restaurant in Warsaw. They have the best food at the best prices in town! This is an incredible restaurant - if you are local, you should try it out!!

As I sit here and type, I am having trouble concentrating. My coffee from my early appointment (6am) has worn off and dinner is making me sleepy. I am heading down to the kitchen here at church to brew a pot of java. Sadly it will only be Fogers regular grind or something along those lines. But it will do in a pinch!!

Big snow storm headed our way tonight. I'm taking work home in case I get snowed in. 6-10 inches - we'll see what happens!

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