Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happiness & Wisdom: inexplicably intertwined.

Can I count on you to either: 1) click this link which contains our text, or (2) read Proverbs 8:20-36 from your own personal copy of Scripture? To post it all here would be lengthy, and perhaps unnecessary. Cool - now, let's discuss it.

We jump in the middle of chapter 8 and right in the middle of a conversation that Wisdom is having. It's impolite, but this will be beneficial, I'm sure! Do you see where Wisdom is gained - where you actually can find it? It's there in the first phrase: "...in the way of righteousness..." You will only find Wisdom when you are living rightly. Isn't it amazing that we think we can live any way we'd like and expect that God will still give us Wisdom at a moment's notice? Kinda ties in with James 1 doesn't it? Why would anyone who is double minded in that way expect to experience the blessings of Wisdom?

The blessings: Yes, they are manifold. From literal, practical items needed in life spreading out to all the spiritual ramifications of having Wisdom - they are all benefits of those pursuing her.

Happiness? You want happiness too? You'll find it in close proximity of Wisdom. Blessed = those who keep My ways (Wisdom) and Blessed = the man who listens to Me (Wisdom). Wisdom is the happiness source. Got Wisdom? Have Happiness.

There are some consequences of choice at the end of this passage by the way. v.36: Find Wisdom = life and favor of the LORD. v.37: Sin against Wisdom = injury to self & death. You do choose, each and every day. Did you know that the ramifications were that intense?

totally unrelated news:

Yesterday I spackled (I love that word) some cracks in the walls in the kitchen (from the house settling). I also cleaned, scraped and painted our entryway into the basement. Sometime this week I will add another coat. I am reminded again of how cheap it is to brighten an area with a fresh coat of paint.

I still have some Gevalia on eBay - although I haven't started any new auctions. :(

I am enjoying what may be my very last free McDonald's sweet tea. Today is that last Tuesday in January and from now on they won't be free. Decent enough beverage for the price you pay.

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