Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trinity Sunday

Today we celebrated Trinity Sunday - or the first Sunday after Pentecost. We did so in community with a fellow church in our tiny town of Oswego, IN. Our church, Calvary Baptist and First Baptist of Oswego joined as we annually do to worship and fellowship together. We were to hold the services outside, but the weather was a bit windy and too cool for many of our older saints - so, we worshiped together in our Fellowship Hall. We tie this weekend into the events of Oswego Trader Days - a time of period correct camping, cooking and fun located just south of our property. We also hold our Annual Community Garage Sale - opening our property and facilities to the public to come and sell their wares. It is a pretty packed weekend!

Our speaker was missionary Fred Burklin, retired from Greater European Mission. While retired, he is actively traveling with his wife, speaking and lecturing around the world. An amazing older man, with incredible energy and passion for his Lord! He spoke today on Psalm 145, the notes I took reproduced below:

1. My God is King - vv.1-2
  • God is sovereign
  • Submission to God is obedience
  • We need to also be loyal - involved in daily worship
2. My God is Great - vv.3-7
  • God is unsearchable
  • God is full of surprises - goodness & correction
  • He displays wondrous works
  • He is majestic
  • He is full of abundant goodness
  • He is righteous
3. My God is Merciful - vv.8-10
  • Jesus intercedes on our behalf, we receive the mercy of the Father
  • God is merciful and patient
  • God is impartial
4. My God is Ruler - vv.11-13
  • God is glorious
  • God is eternal
  • God is majestic
5. My God is Caring - vv.14-17
  • All of us have fallen / failed
  • God is an encourager
  • God lifts up the dejected
6. My God is Close - vv.18-20
  • He is near to the sincere
  • He desires a relationship with us / would that we desire a relationship with Him
  • He protects
  • Do you love / fear Him with all your heart and might?
7. My God is Praiseworthy - v.21
  • Talk about Him!
  • All are invited to a relationship with Him!

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