Sunday, July 06, 2008

Getting to "the Rock"...

The events of the this day, as I see them from my room at the Word of Life Inn located in Schroon Lake, New York:

This morning we got an non-anticipated “early” start by 8:30 as we left Batavia, NY. We were staying at the Best Western Crown & Suites, and I highly recommend a stay there if you are ever in the Batavia / Buffalo area. The room was very spacious, clean and comfortable. The breakfast was hot and cold with items such as: waffles, eggs & sausage, cold cereals, bagels, donuts and muffins. It was a very wonderful breakfast.

But alas, I had not gotten any coffee with my breakfast, so 15 miles down the road I pulled into the service plaza and ordered a large mocha from Tim Horton’s. I was a little aggravated by the wait at Tim Horton’s but it was just a short period of time down the road when I realized God was gracious in allowing us to be delayed. We came upon traffic slowing to a stop, with emergency vehicles shortly on our back bumper. A very serious accident brought west bound I-90 traffic to a halt. We were stuck on the interstate for just over an hour. We took some random pictures, autographed the white line on the side of the road and then decided to pass out our bottled water supply to those around us. We took a black marker and wrote “FREE WATER” on our cooler and carried it down the side of the interstate. We passed out several when the cry came down the road “We’re starting to move!” We ran, carrying the cooler, back the 3-400 yards to the van. (At least those watching us got a good laugh!) And then, we were underway.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We made good time and arrived at the registration center for camp about an hour later than anticipated. Everything went smoothly as we registered, turned in all meds and got heads checked for lice. Then off to the Island where we met our counselor, John, and were taken to the cabin. We then signed up for some activities for later in the week like paintball and the party barge. I left the teens around 5pm and headed back to the WOL Inn where I checked in and entered my room.

My room is on the third level of one of the buildings on the WOL complex. It has it’s own balcony overlooking the back of the property, with a mountain just several hundred feet away. It is a spacious, relaxing room. I got cleaned up and went to the wonderful buffet they had prepared. Prime rib, raspberry stuffed chicken, some wonderful Tilapia and excellent pasta and sugared carrots. I also grabbed a generous slice of chocolate cake. Being by myself is not something I enjoy when I eat – especially when everyone else it seems has full tables. But God had something in mind and I found a table with two men sitting at it with an available chair. I then introduced myself and had a very encouraging dinner getting to know Chris and Bob from St. Louis. I was able to share some scripture with Chris as he and his family were going through some tough times recently. I also found out that he will be at the NANC conference in October that I will be attending! How cool is God!!!

I got back to my room, wrote my kids at home some postcards and decided to update this blog. I hope to post it Sunday along with corresponding pictures. I anticipate some time to post both to my youtube account and facebook account. Continue to pray for our guys at camp, that God will work graciously in their lives.

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