Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I didn't catch his name. His name is not important, after all he was just "hired help". But the way he responded to his task caught my eye. Not only did he do exactly what his boss wanted him to do, and he did it well, but he did it totally relying on God. He demonstrated exactly the way I want to live. You can read all about it here.

He was Abraham's servant. This is what he did that I want to do:
  • listened carefully to the task.
  • asked good questions to clarify the task.
  • committed himself to the task, taking everything he would need for the task.
  • then he prayed specifically about the task - asking God for divine guidance.
  • he got involved in the task - "putting feet to his prayers".
  • in the midst of the task, he watched, fully expecting God to answer his specific prayers.
  • upon realizing God's answer to the task, he gave God praise for His guidance.
  • he told others about how God allowed him to accomplish the task his boss asked him to do.
  • finally he reported the task completed to his boss.
Some nameless servant "out there" showing all of us how to live. I'm good with that. Now... how can I put this into practice?

I'm sipping on some of the last fine grinds of my whole bean Mocha Java from Gevalia. Even though the sun is shining brightly, the temps are down a little and drinking the joe isn't uncomfortable.

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Anonymous said...

hey brother its Magdalene from Singapore again, dropping by to read your blog, its very inspirational. I love this post on the servant, I'm working in an industry where taking instructions and seeking God's grace and guidance are essential, thanks for posting it up, it was a timely word from God for me.

You made a difference! =)