Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trying to catch you up...

I see that it is already Wednesday and I haven't posted much in the way from Monday and Tuesday! I am finding it hard to keep up the blogging side of camp. If pictures could speak a thousand words, then these will have to do for those two days.

The first picture is of Pine Pavilion - the meeting place for all the teens. They have all their sessions here and their nightly speakers come to the pavilion. It is the general meeting place on the Island.
Here you can see Chris and Patrick going through the high ropes course. I have video as well, and many more pictures, but they (the video) take too much time to upload and publish - so these couple of pictures will have to do. Both guys did really good - had some moments where they had to overcome their minds / fears, but they both got through it with flying colors! (and much faster than I ever could do it!!) Colin and Aaron were both swimming at this point - and I couldn't be in two places at once... but they had fun swimming too!

On Tuesday we had something new called "youth group family time" - and we'll have that again on Thursday. It was just a half hour designed for youth leaders to hang out with their teens in a quiet place and talk about the week. Our guys talked about stuff they're struggling with this week (from homesickness to patience in dealing with others) and stuff they're learning as well. Jimmy DeYoung has been the speaker all week and our guys really like him! Quote, "I didn't know Revelation could be so cool!" (I like that!) After this time, they had a run around the Island. I think it's called "Robbie's Run" or something like that. This first picture is of one of the staff members instructing all the teens on where to go and how to line up, etc. Our guys did a walk / run / sprint of the Island. Or so they told me, I simply walked over to the finish line and waited for them. We also played paintball after lunch on Tuesday. Despite the looks on their faces, our guys enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. I, however, have 12 welts from being "Davey Crockett" in our "remember the Alamo" game. Somehow the teens thought that was funny.
I'll try to post more later, but rest assured that our guys are doing well and enjoying their stay. They are also learning a lot about God and His Word, which is great too. Tonight is the campfire, where they will be challenged to give God their whole life. I'm praying along those lines for them, you pray too.

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