Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Conference, part 2

So, I was supposed to do this yesterday - now I'm all out of wack as far as timing goes and my posting! It's been very busy - not an excuse, but a realization. It's been two years since I've been able to get over here, and I had forgotten how much time is consumed in sessions.... and sitting. I'm tired of sitting and it's only day 3. We do have very nice comfortable chairs to sit on, but when all you do is sit and have limited space to move - it can get rough.

Here's my sessions from yesterday:
  • Counseling Conflict from the Book of James - (probably my fav session of the day - very practical
  • Counseling Teens in Sexual Sin 1 - (very practical - I need to get Andy Woodall for a retreat for my teens)
  • Children of Divorce
  • Handling Death and Grief - (my second to least fav session)
  • Heart of Change 3 - (Brent Aucoin is simply amazing - does he even use notes?)
  • ADHD - (least fav - couldn't sit still long enough for it)
  • Counseling Hope for People with Fatigue - (very practical again)
Today I hope to get some pics of the inside of the Community Center where I have my sessions. Very cool, very nicely done.

I'm also trying to get a sermon written for Sunday - I got about 'half a point' done last night. =)

As far as the weather goes, we missed out on all the snow predicted, but ended up with some freezing rain (my car is running outside my window - hoping to melt the ice, b/c I didn't bring a scraper) Yesterday it would hardly run - but today is warmer and I'm hoping for better things!

I think in a couple of minutes I'll go out and check on it and then head to the coffee house for a cup of joe before getting to the church.

God bless!

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