Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Pic to Share...

Since we got 'snowed in' (actually just the schools closed) we had a day with the entire family at the house. For dinner I donned my "Uncle Phil's Diner" hat and proceeded to make some great burgers with sauteed mushrooms and onions. I slapped some cheese on them and added a couple pieces of bacon. (I have to get all this in before my doctor's appt on Monday - lol). After dinner my wife, Angie, was telling the kids about her mom making snow ice cream. I looked it up on the 'net and we made about a half gallon of the ice-milk like substance. It wasn't too bad - it had the occasional piece of grit or tree bark in it, but was kinda tasty. The kids talked of taking all the snow in the yard and making snow ice cream and then selling it in the summer to make lots of money. They crack me up. It was a good 'snowed in' day at the Kelly household.

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