Thursday, February 07, 2008

My son & poetry...

My oldest son, Brice, wrote a poem that blew me away. I really enjoyed it. He told me over dinner last night that he got the idea as he looked down on his Bible which was open to the book of Job. Below you see his thoughts and words. Great job Brice!

Job's Life

Sons, daughters, servants crushed,
and posessions also;
then Satan to God rushed,
gave Job boils, sores and woe.

Birth deploring, sleep demanding,
great grief and much pain.
Job, a man of God unbending
in righteousness obey'n.

In silence he bore much
and set the example for us;
he cursed not God and such
but listened, obeying Him thus.

His friends, saying he had sinned,
comfort in them he found not.
For his complaint indeed was grim,
in his life he had hope...not.

Questioning the reasons
he implored God amply.
Job, reproaching pitiless ones,
these his friends did not comply.

In Elihu's words he found strength,
to carry on with his life.
Terrible though the length,
he contended with the Devil, born with strife.

God's word he followed
hearing challenges from the Lord;
God Job's prosperity allowed
and His belongings He restored.

Brice, you've made me proud of your hard work and effort going into this poem!

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