Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The rains came down and ...

Well, there you have it. It's disgusting and gross. (And besides that, I can't 'stitch' a picture worth a hoot). The pic you are looking at is actually 3 stitched together to give an idea of what my basement walls look like. Pretty nasty if you ask me. We have been receiving so much snow, then rain, then snow, then thunderstorms... that my walls are leaking like a sieve. Fortunately I do have a shop vac that is getting a work out - and a couple fans and dehumidifiers as well.

What to do? All the options seem extremely expensive. I'd welcome any and all ideas. There's not much I can do currently with the weather like it is - except vac... vac... and vac. Come spring there will be major work that will need to be done. I'm happy it's not worse though!

I started a facebook page for our youth group the other day - you can find it here. I hope to keep it updated with events and information that we will be involved in. Spread the word to those who haven't signed up yet.

Happy Ash Wednesday! What are you giving up for Lent? I'm doing what I did last year: giving up a website that I enjoy to visit. It's a messageboard site associated with alumni from where I went to college. I enjoy going there pretty much on a daily basis - but, sometimes its good to take a break. So until March 23 - no more board...and even more focused time on Christ.

I received a shipment from Gevalia yesterday: a half pound of my fav brew (mocca java), a quarter pound of costa rica peaberry and a quarter pound of espresso roast. I thought my account was suspended (it is now), but it must have lapsed. I have to suffer through this somehow.

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