Friday, February 22, 2008

Super Savings Day!

I began my day today by meeting with a good friend for breakfast at a local restaurant in Warsaw. Known as "Maria's", this establishment is well-known for ample portions and great cuisine. Even better was that fact that Dan was going to buy for both of us! We took a look at Hebrews 10:19-25 (we're working through Hebrews together) and then dove into the food. Near the end of our meal our Senior Pastor came over and sat just briefly with us. He was with a former church member who was back in town for some business. Our check disappeared off our table as the former member picked up the tab for Dan & I!! Awesome!! Dan stiffed me on the tip - lol - but we were pretty pumped to be able to schedule perhaps another trip to Maria's in the future!

After getting home (I'm taking today off instead of last Monday) my wife and I headed to JC Penneys where they were having $1.97 sales. We purchased 11 items totaling $22.97 and saved over $376 dollars!! That's crazy awesome!

Leaving there we went to "Our Father's House", a local thrift store, where I spent another $6 on 4 dress shirts. It was 1/2 off day today on clothing! awesome.

We also stopped at Sherman & Lins a scratch and dent grocer where I dropped the remaining change from my original $20 bill. Between Our Father's House and Sherman & Lins, I spent $20 but got 4 dress shirts, 10 cans of soup, a package of Zantac 150, some brownie mix and a couple other snacky things! That's some Super savings!

Tonight we're going to a spaghetti fund-raiser in New Paris which is hosted by a ministry that helps families and especially women in the post-abortion process. I am excited about going and checking out this ministry as well as throwing some cash behind their efforts.

Well, God bless & have a terrific weekend!

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